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Reasons for not choosing an Off-the-shelf retail apps are not right for you

By Anthony Jones | October 27, 2015 | 5 Comments

Off-the-shelf mobile applications comes with lots of draws. Solutions come ready to go, which means the implementation is (usually) rapid, and at the very least in the beginning, these solutions are cost-efficient. For those retailers that are seeking mobile solutions, these advantages establish the off-the-shelf apps pretty much attractive. When we are looking for a long-term strategy point of view, the build vs. buy discussion is not cut-and-dry. Canned options could end up charging more as businesses search for ascendable solutions once their mobile strategies start to build up. Moreover, to be adaptive in a fast-moving, competing mobile space is far more hard whenever the solution being used is not simple to modify. Before evaluating customized retail app development compared to off-the-shelf solutions, these types of factors must take a few pounds along the way. Although each of the options carries quality and drawbacks, retailers might discover that off-the-shelf apps may not be the ideal path depending for their needs and goals. Giving you a different sort of brand experience Previously we discussed the significance of mobile customization in retail. In a area in which the client experience is pretty crucially significant and customers progressively asking for a far more personalized experience, off-the-shelf solutions are at an obvious drawback to custom applications. Despite having white labelled choices, there are just numerous methods for you to customize the solution and separate your brand experience from other people. UI is especially crucial in this aspect. You need to supply your clients with a constant and smooth consumer experience through all touchpoints – in-store, on-line, and also mobile. Canned solutions are so fixed, not permitting you towards creating a custom branded experience on mobile which is consistent along with the other properties. Customization Lots of off-the-shelf solutions are certainly effective, ticking plenty of the box retailers look for a mobile solution. Unfortunately, there isn't any packaged solution available that performs all you need it to. Off-the-shelf apps are designed to satisfy numerous needs for plenty companies, and yet they never address the intricacies and nuances distinctive to every organization. This is often a huge downside to many retailers, specifically since some other retailers are currently investing in custom solutions (for example: Macy’s, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, are among countless others). Custom retail apps possess the positive aspect of being created to match your precise business needs. It is most likely that you will need heavy integrations with legacy systems and services, own special demands which off-the-shelf solutions are not able to address, and need the mobility to change and adapt as objectives change or new requirements happen. Compatibility Retailers – specifically medium to big ones – will certainly currently have many legacy systems in the room that can deal with various business and functional features. Choosing an off-the-shelf alternative which is well appropriate to these systems is close to impossible. To incorporate these kinds of solutions frequently implies experiencing processual modifications from the inside as well as modifying some other systems being utilized. So, the question is Off-The-Shelf or perhaps Custom? Finally, the choice involving off-the-shelf software or perhaps a custom retail app might be determined by exactly what your business objectives are and the objective of the mobile strategy. Some of the retailers could find that off-the-shelf solution will be able to meet their light term requirements, especially when custom technology will not provide an important competitive benefit. Alternatively, retailers which are searching for a scalable solution can find that the customization, mobility, as well as branding potential of the custom retail app much better lines up with their long-term business objectives.



About 10 Min ago

Great article, i love how indept the top is.



4 days ago

There are many fine points regarding application development here.



2 days ago

I completly agree with Mary. Android and ios develoment is the next step for any business.


About 50 Min ago

Its just like it was when websites came around. People did not think their business needed one but look now every business that whants to stand out needs to have one.


About 20 Min ago

Few years ago android and ios apps where mostly for fun and play but now most people rely on them as if it was mandetory. I personally think every normal company should have an android and ios application.


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