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Landing Page - Why Your Mobile App Needs it

By Vick Sarkis | November 12, 2015 | 3 Comments

At the center of your mobile app marketing campaign is your landing page. Here’s why a landing page is important. Shaping the Story of Your App • As soon as you have your app's concept and marketing materials, you'll need to have a domain name setup for your app and publish an initial one-page website or landing page. This will help: o In legitimizing your app o Provide a place where users can discover you o A place where people can learn about your app o A place to collect emails from persons that are interested in learning more about your app, through an opt-in form. The landing page is where you start introducing potential users to your app's story. • The next stage is to increase interest in your app by revealing more about it. This can be done by actively reaching out to potential users for feedback. You can have details about the features, a few screenshots, and any additional materials. You can also have promotional content like using interactive graphics, competitions or even short promotional videos. • While this is being done, you have to start building your social media channels and following. Your mobile application landing page must include links to social media outlets for your app. All these communications must connect in one central location, so that people will have a single place to learn all about your app. • You should have a number of email addresses from your social media outreach and email sign-up form, already. You can then reach out to people and update them on the progress of the app, further explain the features and how it benefits them and request any feedback or questions they may have. This outreach is important because you can determine how users will react when the app launches. You can also have a testing group installed to gain more hands-on feedback. This feedback can be used as testimonials on the landing page. • From the landing page, you can track and analyze data on visitor’s responses when interacting with marketing messages. Using various tools like Google analytics, SumoMe and others, you can test the responses received from various messages on your landing page and social channels. This will help you determine the marketing material that your users prefer. Build Activity for Your App Launch and Beyond When your app goes live, you must already have various materials/tools in place, such as, pricing plans, support and documentation, marketing materials, and a link to download your app. Obviously, you have to continue adding information to the landing page to enhance your marketing message, such as testimonies, reviews, links to articles and in-depth previews or how-to’s, about your app. You need to take advantage of all information you received through the landing page and start sending out email blasts to your app’s email list. The email must include the features and benefits that resonated with your testing group or other reviews you may have. Direct users to download, rate, and review your app in this email. You must keep updating your landing page with new information and also setup ways where users can interact with your team. The landing page is an important component in your mobile app’s success. Without it users will have a hard time discovering your app and won't be able to share it within their networks. It's easy for your app to get lost in the overcrowded android and app stores.



About 10 Min ago

Great article, i love how indept the top is.



4 days ago

There are many fine points regarding application development here.



2 days ago

I completly agree with Mary. Android and ios develoment is the next step for any business.


About 50 Min ago

Its just like it was when websites came around. People did not think their business needed one but look now every business that whants to stand out needs to have one.


About 20 Min ago

Few years ago android and ios apps where mostly for fun and play but now most people rely on them as if it was mandetory. I personally think every normal company should have an android and ios application.


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